Hanna & Nabil

Marina is literally incredible at what she does. Her pictures are stunning for so many reasons. She's so passionate about her work and she really cares about you, your story and what your photos resemble. She works endlessly to make sure her shots represent your vision and make you happy. She's so easy to work with; she brings the best out of you and makes you feel so comfortable during the shoot. You have no worries about your photos when they're in Marina’s hands.


Marina is one of the sweetest people I have ever worked with! She is very kind and made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She came prepared with poses so that she could direct me to get the best shot. I have worked with many photographers in the past, but Marina has become my all time favorite. Not just because she is such an incredible person to work with, but because she also creates some of the best work. Her style is so unique. When I got my photos back I was so amazed at the quality. She made me look like I came straight out of a magazine! I would highly recommend Marina to anyone who needs any kind of professional photos taken, she is the absolute best!

Heather & Wyatt

I LOVE Marina! I have shot with her multiple times over the past few years and I have enjoyed every second of it. I have never felt 100% at ease in front of a camera and I always thought I would look silly trying out different poses. Marina immediately took me under her wing and made me feel BEYOND comfortable - she directed me in a way that never felt forced, she is great at making her vision come to life through her models. I’ve done individual sessions as well as one couple session with her. My boyfriend is a little stiff and uncomfortable taking photos, but once again Marina explained everything to us in an understandable fashion and our photos turned out so natural and perfectly captured “us” - which was my main priority. If you’re looking for a professional, comfortable, creative, and extremely friendly photographer... Marina is your girl!

Adaline & Erik

Marina is such a beautiful lady! Her mind is insane and thinks outside the box in all ways! She inspired me every time I see a new post of hers, and actually getting to work with her was crazy. She helped us stay comfortable and excited and we had the best time and now have beautiful photos to document such a special time in our lives. Forever grateful for her.


I’ve never felt more comfortable or at home during a photo shoot than I did with Marina. She has such a unique photography and editing style that stands out from photographers today! Our conversation was effortless and I walked away feeling like I had just been with a good friend. Her turnaround time is incredible! Worth every penny!!

Xandra & Tucker

Marina is an angel from above! She was so quick to respond to my request for engagements in California even though she lived in Utah. She picked the PERFECT dates to go and meet us there! When she got there, she took the whole day to walk around and scout out beautiful locations for us so when we picked her up to shoot, she knew exactly where to go. The pictures were the most perfect things I’ve ever seen and now she is going to shoot our wedding!!! I can not recommend her enough. Not only is she a magician behind the camera, but she is so sweet and invested in you and your story.