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Best Locations in Utah for Photoshoots

Shelbilee McCormick

Thank you so much for sharing all of these places! I’m a photographer based in Ogden and I have a lot of clients located in the Salt Lake area.

Chow Mein

These are rad! Thanks for sharing!

These are so cool! Thanks šŸ™‚

Marina! I am sooo blown away by all these photos… One of them I was like “wHaTtttttt how is THAT even possiblEEE?” You’re a magical genius!

Aubrey Pugmire

I literally have this page in my favorites


Thank you so much!!! Fueled my imagination!! I’m going everywhere with my boyfriend…if i had one šŸ™

Literally you are the MOST TALENTED HUMAN. Your photos turn out absolutely beautiful


Wow this was so incredibly helpful, thank you so much!


That was so kind of you to share the details. Really helps new people in Utah. I really liked your style of work and your generosity.

Laura O

dude i love these photos!! You are so talented and this is the best list of places to take in utah that i’ve ever found!! thank you thank you thank you

wow! there so different locations. Hi from Estonia šŸ™‚

Sarah Leavitt

I love that most, if not all of these places are outdoors and have so much beautiful scenery. I’d love to visit Utah one day, it seems like they have such a relaxed atmosphere.

Catherine Cornaby

oh my gosh i just found this list and i am OBSESSED with it and also with your work. SO GOOD.


Ahhh thank you so much! Helps my inspiration. And I am new to photography so I want to learn more!



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