Hey, I'm Marina.

I was first introduced to photography when my grandpa gave me his old film cameras when I was in middle school, and I’ve been obsessed with taking photos ever since. From riding my bike around my neighborhood with a point and shoot to eventually graduating from college with a photography degree, it’s always been my calling. Photography is what I’m meant to do. I've never felt this type of passion for anything else!

After college, my fiancé, Mason and I decided to leave Florida and move to Salt Lake City, Utah for our next adventure. I worked for a company for a year before leaving to pursue photography full time, and it turned out to be the best decision I've ever made.

When it comes to photography, taking photos of people has always been my jam. Whether it's a fashion editorial with a whole team of creatives to bring an eccentric idea to life, or running through the mountains with my camera, I am living the dream. My favorite part of my job is being able to make my subjects feel confident and beautiful - there is no better feeling in the world.

Over time, I've discovered that educating beginner photographers on how to navigate through their own journey is one of my biggest goals and passions. After graduating college, I still had so much to learn about running a business and mastering my craft, so I know what it’s like to still have so many unanswered questions. My goal is to create tools and resources to help others develop their own style so that they can become the photographer they aspire to be, much quicker.

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Q&A with Professional Photographer Marina Williams

Saved up money from working at a grocery store to buy my first DSLR. Fell in love with photography - decided to study it in college.


Started my business, mostly doing grad shoots on the side while taking photo classes. Did fashion/lifestyle shoots for student-run fashion magazines on campus.


Graduated from FSU with a degree in Studio Art Photography. Moved to Barcelona to be an Au Pair, did lots of photoshoots!


Got offered a job in Utah doing photography full time for a kids clothing company. Picked up everything and moved to Utah with my boyfriend, Mason.


Hustled every weekend trying to build a client base in Utah - eventually did, and I decided to quit my job to run my own business full time!


COVID hit - started doing self portraits in my home and making Tiktoks. Videos went viral, & my followers craved photo education. Mason & I got engaged!


Pivoted my business to focus on creating affordable photography education for beginners. I still love working with clients and brands, but a huge passion of mine is sharing what I've learned with others!